Find answers to your questions before joining a tour so that you can find out exactly what you want to know.

How do I use this site?
You can use this site to explore, search and browse LGBT+ experiences around the world. Experiences can be hotels and accommodation options, tours, cruises, events and more. Start on the homepage for inspiration or use the top navigation bar to explore. You can even filter your search by using the top navigation bar to sort by company, date, price, trip type or style.
How do I make a booking?
Go Out is not actually a booking site but instead a curated website that highlights awesome LGBT+ experiences from a variety of companies and providers from around the world. You can book the experience directly with the provider by visiting their website. Simply click the link on each page where it says Book Now to make your booking.
How can you offer a discount or better price than the actual company or provider?
In some cases, we work directly with various companies and providers to offer you an exclusive 2BT Travel discount. Since we help provide exposure and potential customers to their websites and businesses, many of them are willing to offer our readers a discount for the referral as a special bonus.
How do I request a discount for a trip?
In some cases, we offer a discount which is offered by the company or provider. To request your discount, simply click the Request Discount button and fill out the web form. We will email you the information and instructions needed to claim your discount when booking on the provider’s website directly.
Do you have any reviews?
Yes! For the past 8 years we’ve written a travel blog called Two Bad Tourists featuring gay-friendly destination, festivals, events and more. In that time, we have had millions of website views and developed a loyal readership and many of them have left us nice comments on our blog.
Do you offer custom trips?
No, at the moment we don’t offer any custom trips. But if you have a special request, feel free to contact us and we can refer you to one of our partners who can create an awesome and custom experience just for you.
I’m on a budget. Do you have any experiences or products for budget travel?
Sure! We know that some people have a larger budget and like to book packages to save them the planning time and to ensure top quality experience. Of course, others may not have the budget or prefer to book themselves, selecting less expensive options. For the budget friendly, we suggest browsing hotels and accommodation options along with some of the guided city tours. To browse accommodations, just go to the top navigation bar choose “Where to Stay” and you’ll find a variety of accommodation options at all price ranges. Some of the guided city tours are also very budget-friendly while still offering you an expert and guide in your destination.
This site is really gay. Do you offer anything more mainstream?
Yes it’s true. At the moment we focus on curating awesome LGBT-specific experiences. We recognize that some LGBT people don’t necessarily want an LGBT-specific hotel, tour, trip or experience. We totally respect that way of travel and luckily for those people, there are already a tremendous amount of resources available for mainstream travel online. We created 2BT Travel to focus on those companies and suppliers that specifically cater to LGBT travelers with products and services just for our community. So for now, we are keeping this site pretty damn gay and we’re proud of that.
I have a question. How can I contact you?
Sure, we’re happy to help with any questions you might have. Please click here to contact us.